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Meet my boyfriend in the "Most likely to" Tag!


1. Who is most likely to be in a choir?
More likely to
No doubt! Alberto loves singing, and I hate it.

2. Who is most likely to always be happy?
Me! Me!Me! I'm a very positive person. I'm happy not because everything is good, but because I can always try to see the good side of everything.

3. Who is most likely to live in a big city?
I studied in Milan and I'm in love with this big city because there are billion things to do, places to see, events to attend, pepole to meet...

4. Who is most likely to forget something important?
I've got a good memory, while Alberto only remembers things he is interested in. But he refuses to admit it ;)

5. Who is most likely to fall while walking?
I'm such a scatterbrain!

6. Who is most likely to be the most popular person in school?
Most likely to tag
He's handsome, friendly, nice, fascinating...

7. Who is most likely to get annoyed over small things?
Both of us are calm, but I get annoyed more often than him.

8. Who is most likely to take care of the other person while sick?

He's so sweet when he does it!

9. Who is most likely to be impatient?
He's the most impatient man in the world. He wants it all immediately!

10. Who is most likely to be the healthiest?
I'm very lucky, I rarely get sick.

11. Who is most likely to be arrested?
most likely to questions
He is quite implusive, I think he could do things that he later regrets.

12. Who is most likely to be nice?
Alberto is the heart and soul of the party.

13. Who is most likely to have bigger appetite?
He is a glutton :) but  I have a sweet tooth!

14. Who is most likely to complain about things?
We don't agree on this point :)

15. Who is most likely to be sweet?
We are both sweet!

16. Who is most likely to be smarter?
He's definitely smarter than me.

17. Who is most likely to be a good cook?
We totally disagree on this subject. His strong point is red meat, pasta is mine.

18. Who's most likely to be athletic?
Alberto plays football; I'm too lazy to paly sports :)

19. Who is most likely to be best at school?
I like studying, he doesn't.

20. Who is most likely to be the best at math?
I can't be perfect! Ahahahaha ;)

21. Who is most likely to survive an apocalypse?
I'd die first!

22. Who is most likely to cry when happy?
I'm an emotional person.

23. Who is most likely to know all the words to a TV show theme song?
Alberto is addicted to ALL American TV Series.

24. Who is most likely to fall asleep during a party?
It's definitely me!

25. Who is most likely to be tidy?
I don't know why but my room get messy and disorganized so easily!!

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6 commenti

  1. Quanto è carino questo tag Chiara!!!Vorrei commentare in inglese ma non ne sono molto capace...Mi piacerebbe prendere spunto per farne uno anche a me insieme al mio ragazzo, so che apprezzerebbe l'idea! :D

    1. Ciao! Sono davvero contenta che ti sia piaciuto, spero di vederne presto uno tuo!!!
      E' stata una faticaccia convincere il mio ragazzo a farlo!!! ;)

  2. Hello lovely, I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Check my post out here for your questions! http://pretty-little-things-xo.blogspot.com/2015/01/liebster-award_24.html
    Senay x

    1. Hi!! Thank you very much for the nomination! :))

  3. Such a cute tag, you guys look really nice together :) love your blog! x


    1. Oh thank you very much! You're so sweet!



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